Các bài viết cá nhân đoạt giải trong chuyến “Hành Trình Về Nguồn”

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Bài Đoạt Giải Nhất




It has been a long time since my last trip to some places outside Ho Chi Minh City. Thanks to The Office of Student Affairs, I finally have a chance to enjoy the trip in Buon Ma Thuot. And what I have received is not only joyful moments but also spectacular soft skills there.

The first day of this trip is somewhat tiring because of the rough roads. I have to sit almost 12 hours on the school bus; however, due to the funny stories of the tour guide and IU’s volunteers, things have been less tiring and more enjoyable. We spent our first night walking along the streets and visiting the lively 10-3 Buon ma thuot square where many children and their parents enjoyed the fresh air of highland. It was such a wonderful experience.

The second day was more interesting. In the morning we had a change to visit Dak Lak Museum and knew more about Buon Ma Thuot’s history and people. In the afternoon, we had a great time playing so many wonderful games, which helped strengthen our team spirit and believe in ourselves. Then, when the sun set, we had a campfire in the forest where we sang and played games together, moving so fast that mosquitoes could not bite us. Indeed, it was worth trying to compete for the prizes here.

I’m still so excited to join tomorrow morning trip to visit famous Trung Nguyen coffee village in the city center. I know it would be a long and hard day sitting on the bus  in hot temperature even on high land. But I’m not afraid or bored at all. On the other hand, I feel fantastic and ready for the coming back to HCMC.

Indeed, I really appreciate the chance that IU has given me. Besides the certification, I’m sure I have achieved so many great skills for my future life and would attend more school trips for my experiences.

(edited by Ms. Phuoc, IU English lecturer)


Bài đoạt giải Nhì



I went to Buon Ma Thuot three years ago; however, this trip brings me the feeling exactly like the first time. We are now on the second day and tomorrow we have to leave here. Only in a short time but I can describe about this trip in one word: AMAZING because it’s totally different from the first time I went here.

On the first day, I spent time walking around Buon Ma Thuot to discover new things and to take photos. This made me understand many things about people, life and culture in here. There are many coffee shops because coffee is their main products, their proud! On the second day, we moved to another place called “Buon Don” where ethnics are living. I have a chance to experience people’s life in here although it’s not convenient but peaceful.

We have stayed together just for 2 days but the love that we shared, the things that we learned are really great. I have new friends, new sisters, new brothers, new FAMILY. Everyone is lovely and kind to me. I am not who I used to be but another person, totally different. The first time I can sing in front of a lot of people. The first time I enjoy such kind of funny but useful games, the first time I sleep in a totally different kind of houses (long houses),etc. Because the time is not much for me to say more but I love this trip!!

(edited by Ms. Phuoc, IU English lecturer)


Bài Đoạt Giải Ba



This is the first time I come to Ban Me Thuot. It is an awesome trip that I’ve attended. I am given chances to travel, to see and do many things for the first time.

The first thing that impressed me a lot is the real taste of coffee. Its taste was a little bit bitter and sour. Many friends of mine who was not coffee addicted like me cannot stand that strong taste. The second thing that I was impressed was the friendliness of the residents here, especially the motorbike – taxi riders. Maybe the residents here are still not affected by the industrial life style, and I love it.

Besides, I had a chance to attend a soft skill training program in this study tour. It could be said that I gain a lot of experiences in teamwork, confidence in teammates. Then I realize that I still lack of a number of skills needed in social life. I am very sorry that the time here was so limited that I could not have a chance to ride on an elephant. Next time, It will be the first thing on  the to- do- list when I come here again.

After all, I did enjoy every second of the trip. It did give me chances to do things that I’ve never done, to travel on untraveled roads.

(edited by Ms. Phuoc, IU English lecturer)

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