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Y-E-S Forum 2021


Call for Student Poster

A research poster contest will be held in conjunction with the Honda Y-E-S Forum 2021 on the theme of “Integrating Sustainability into Future Urban Design”. The forum is organized online by the Honda Foundation together with a team of Honda Y-E-S awardees from five different countries. (About Honda Y-E-S Award, visit https://www.hondafoundation.jp/en/yes_program.html )

The topic may include but is not limited to the following: sustainable transportation, green infrastructure development, water waste management, energy management, and data-driven approach in urban design towards improving the quality of life.

We are hoping that the contest will provide participating students with opportunities for networking with others and to contribute to share and improve their research. We are looking forward to your submission and participation.


  • Poster Contest Theme
  • Who can participate
  • Guidelines for Poster Contest Application
    1. Overview of the poster contest
    2. Forum Information
    3. Mode of Application
    4. Abstract Submission Guidelines
    5. Poster Submission Guidelines
    6. Video Submission Guidelines
    7. Evaluation Criteria
    8. Prizes
    9. Copyright
    10. Contact Information

Poster Contest Theme

As a part of the forum, the poster contest will allow researchers from several countries to present their work on “Technology-Driven Urban Design for Sustainability”. The poster contest will accept the novel work based on the application of technology to improve sustainability in the following, but not limited to, areas –

  1. Urban Mobility Management
  2. Waste Management
  3. Energy Management
  4. Urban Pollution Control
  5. Sustainable Urban Infrastructure

Participants are encouraged to apply even if they have work in urban sustainability outside these mentioned areas.

Who can participate

The forum is open to students who are currently studying at universities from the six countries as follows –

  • Japan
  • India
  • Laos
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Myanmar

The participant should be studying in undergraduate or graduate school at the time of the application.

We will choose 25 teams participating in the poster contest, 10 of which are selected to give an oral presentation.

Team size

Participants can submit their work as a team of up to 2 members.

Participation Fee

Participation is free for all eligible applicants. All the authors of accepted posters would be awarded/exempted from participation fee to join the forum.

Language (medium of the competition)

The posters and its abstract must be presented in English.

Shortlisted participants will be asked to give a presentation in English.

Guidelines for Poster Contest Application

1. Overview of the poster contest

The primary purposes of the poster contest along with Honda Y-E-S Forum are:

  • To allow students and researchers to share their ideas and research works
  • To initiate a dialogue on innovative ideas and solutions to improve sustainability in urban design using technology
  • Help students develop their technical skills by giving feedback on their work
  • To enable networking and collaboration in order to strengthen the momentum of finding eco-friendly solutions

2. Forum Information

Application timeline for the Forum

Activity Dates
 Announcement of Call for Posters May 10th
Registration & Abstract Submission Deadline May 31st
Announcement of 25 shortlisted teams ➔ 25 shortlisted teams will be asked to submit a poster for further evaluation June 4th
25 shortlisted teams will submit a poster (PCM to evaluate on detailed parameters) June 13th
Announcement of 10 final selected teams – 10 final selected teams will be asked to give a presentation on forum day June 17th
Confirmation of Forum Attendance from selected teams June 18th
Presentation / Video submission from selected teams June 30th
Presentation (Online) July 10th and 11th

Mode of conduct

The forum and the poster presentation contest will be held online on a platform like Zoom (will be finalized and edited here later). The final selected teams and attendees will be obtained the invitation and link to attend the forum and the poster contest presentations.

Time and Date

The forum will be conducted on July 10th and 11th 2021. The detailed schedule will be announced to all the accepted teams via email prior to the forum date.

Medium of Language

English – All abstracts, posters and presentations must be in English. Participants will be expected to present in English

3. Mode of Application

Participants can apply through the online form on this link – https://bit.ly/3sZdRsr

Participants will be required to submit name, contact information, abstract and any other supportive file (Image/PDF/video) to support their application.

4. Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • Submission Start Date: May 10, 2021
  • Submission Deadline: May 31, 2021

An eligible abstract must be formatted as follows:

  1. Content: It must include the title and the summary of the research for the poster contest. For the summary, authors may include the topic introduction, the proposed method, results (if any), and conclusion.
  2. Size: maximum 600 words in a single PDF file.
  3. Filename: Abstract_[TitleOfPoster]_YES21.pdf
  4. File format: pdf

Note that: Only eligible abstracts that are submitted by the abstract deadline will be judged by the Honda Y-E-S Forum Organizing Committee Members. Participants submit their abstract through the online form on this link: https://bit.ly/3sZdRsr

5. Poster Submission Guidelines

Based on the abstract evaluation, we will select 25 teams in the preliminary round (informed on June 4th). Each team will be requested to make a poster and submit by June 13th, 2021.

An eligible poster must be formatted as follows:

  1. Content: 1-page poster which is submitted in a single pdf file.
  2. Filename: Poster_[TitleOfPoster]_YES21.pdf
  3. File format: pdf
  4. Submission Deadline: June 13th, 2021

6. Video Submission Guidelines

The 10 final selected teams (informed on June 18th) will be asked to submit a presentation video that must be formatted as follows:

  1. Content: A video with recommended ratio 16:9 that contains their presentation in 5 minutes and its corresponding presentation file.
  2. Size: A presentation video and a single presentation file with the maximum of 20 slides.
  3. Filename: “Video_[TitleOfPoster]_YES21.mp4” for video, and.pdf for presentation file.
  4. File format: mp4
  5. Submission Deadline: June 30th 2021

7. Evaluation Criteria

The abstract and poster submissions are evaluated based on the following criteria:

Abstract and Poster Evaluation

  1. Originality of the ideas
  2. Significance of results
  3. Clarity and conciseness
  4. Overall visual appeal for presentation

Technical Content

  1. Innovative Technology Concept for Urban Sustainability It is based on the novelty of the research work submitted for the poster contest.
  2. Real-world Applicability It is based on the feasibility of idea implementation in real-world scenarios, especially in terms of economic viability.
  3. Eco-technology Contribution It is based on the idea contributions relevant to eco-technology, for example, advanced technology using renewable energy with minimal impact on the environment.

7. Selection and Finalist Presentations

The poster abstracts will undergo the preliminary evaluation. 25 selected teams will be requested to make a poster for presentation submission. We further select the final 10 teams to give a 5-minute oral presentation based on their abstract and poster evaluation.

The selection results will be announced to all the teams via email by June 15, 2021. Then, the selected teams will be requested to send a confirmation email of their attendance by June 20, 2021. Each team will give a 5-minute oral presentation, followed by a 5-minute Q&A session to interact and answer questions from the audience on the forum day.

8. Prizes

There are four prizes, including three prizes for top three posters and one prize for the Audience Award. Each prize includes a certification, and a cash award. The cash awards for the top three posters are 50,000-yen, 40,000-yen, and 30,000-yen for the first, second, and third places, respectively. Also, the cash prize for the “Audience Award” is 20,000-yen.

‘Certificate of Participation’ will be awarded to all selected teams who participate in the forum to present their work.

9. Copyright

  1. The intellectual property of each poster belongs to the applicants.
  2. The poster will be used for the purpose of an exhibition at Honda Y-E-S Forum and quote on relevant publications only.
  3. Honda Foundation retains the right to reproduce copies of the poster (e.g., web sites, event reports and publications for later use).

10. Contact Information

If participants have any questions, feel free to send an email to this email address: global@hondafoundation.jp  or  sys_dtt_huyen@honda.com.vn

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